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The Tower Polytechnic believes firmly in a model; poised to stimulate qualitative, skill-enhancing and self-employment generating capabilities in its students and staff for the development of the society and the world at large.

The mission of the polytechnic is to one of the foremost contributors to the development of technological education in Nigeria by providing access to education and training in innovative and challenging techniques that guarantee a balanced education.

On the other hand, the vision of the polytechnic is to be a unique urban-based institution and centre of excellence for technology and vocational education delivery.

Objectives of the Polytechnic:
The objectives of the Institution are as follows:
•    To promote excellent academic and skilled manpower development for nation building and self-reliance.
•    To produce graduates who are able to develop the management skills needed for promotion full-scale business; especially those based on indigenous technology.
•    To promote the harmonious development of personality and foster appreciation of human values, the capacity for understanding, judgement, critical thinking and self-expression.
•    To encourage the upholding of social values and norms of our societ;
•    To promote the concept of social responsibility of the individual within his immediate and extended environment.
•    To foster the spirit of hard work thereby, encouraging high productivity with a view to increasing the nation